How many people do you meet throughout the day? Have you never had the feeling of crossing paths with familiar faces every day, but not knowing anything about those people? Who is the neighbor of the first floor, the employee of the supermarket, the violinist of the subway that you see every morning going to work... or who are behind the masks in Puerta del Sol?


MERCAFORVM is the recreation of a great Roman market in which elements and scenarios are presented, with great historical rigor, to make the visitor go back 2.000 years in time and transfer them to the most glorious past of Calahorra, recalling the ancient “ Calagurris “Iulia Nassica”.


Black Friday in Madrid. A reflection, at the maximum power, of the most negative face of the cities ... the consumerism and the eagerness to buy that is strengthened and rewarded in the cities. In contrast, there are those invisible people whom nobody sees ... or do not want to see.


Five friends, a weekend, a spa and our cameras.

Beatriz Durán Balda © 2019