How many people do you meet throughout the day? Have you never had the feeling of crossing paths with familiar faces every day, but not knowing anything about those people? Who is the neighbor of the first floor, the employee of the supermarket, the violinist of the subway that you see every morning going to work … or who are behind the masks in Puerta del Sol?

These are some of the questions that give basis to this project, a social report through portraits of some of those (un)known that are in our lives. The aim of the project is to reflect through the analysis of our daily social relations, especially in large cities. But it is also an experiment to prove that photography is a good way to meet people.

We spend a lot of time in the cities without really knowing anything about the place or the thousands of people who pass by there every day. The problem of many cities, especially the biggest ones, is that nobody talks to each other and photography is a great way to break that barrier, learn something about the sites, discover interesting stories and meet new people.

The project is presented as a video, with a small intro to contextualize the project and then the photographs of each (un)known. Testimonials of the photographed people have been used, as voice-overs while the images are shown.

Beatriz Durán Balda © 2019