The Invisible Wall is a documentary that aims to bring closer the reality that trans people live daily, especially in the labor world. Counted by themselves with the sole intention that their situation is understood a little better and to make their claims more visible, which, after all, are the same that any of us would demand.

The athlete from La Rioja, Marina González Mazo, does not stop adding successes in her brilliant career. She has obtained a scholarship to study in the USA and be able to continue practicing her sport: Olympic shooting with a carbine. The milestone achieved by Marina is not less, since she is the first person in Spain to get a scholarship in the USA with this sport, since they are more common in practices such as basketball or tennis. Marina will study next year at UAF University of Alaska Fairbanks. There she will form part of the university team and participate in the NCAA university league, the National University Sports Association.

At the age of 17, she is now studying at the High Performance Center in Madrid and next year, already in Alaska, her intention is to combine a career in design with sports. “My goal in Alaska is to raise the level of the team in the college league, at least to get the national award; and also continue working on the Olympic cycle to reach the 2024 Olympics. ”

How many people do you come across throughout the day? Have you never had the feeling of crossing the familiar faces on a daily basis, but without knowing anything about those people? Who is the neighbor of the first floor, the supermarket employee, the violinist on the subway that you see every morning going to work … or who are behind the masks at Puerta del Sol? Let’s look for looks, connections, pay attention to our (un)known and make them known through photography.

MERCAFORVM is the recreation of a great Roman market in the different elements and settings, of great historical rigor, they shake hands to take the visitor back 2,000 years in time and move them to the most glorious past of Calahorra (Spain), recalling the ancient “Calagurris Iulia Nassica “. In 1995, with the aim of promoting cultural tourism and increasing the dissemination of the history of Calahorra, the association launched the creation of a market set in the Imperial era of Calagurris: Mercaforvm. For two days (Saturday and Sunday), the visitor immerses himself in ancient Rome and walks among reproductions of public and private Roman buildings, thanks to the setting created by the members of the association.

There are stories that need more depth and multimedia content to complement the image: video, audio, music … With my knowledge and technical means I will help you give visibility to your topics.

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